Want To Protect Your Leather Furniture In Self-Storage? Read This Article Now!


Leather furniture is an investment you make that is precious. Pure leather products are not easy to find, and if you get your hands on leather furniture, it is at a great expense. So it is not wise to store it anywhere. Leather furniture can survive for decades without losing its luster a bit. For an individual to ensure longevity to survive, he/she needs to make sure that it is regularly maintained. An individual also needs to follow some tips when storing this furniture made out of leather to ensure that they stay in perfect condition. There is also a document storage service that will care for your storage issues.

Tips to protect leather furniture

Cleaning is the first step when you plan to store anything, not just leather furniture. Cleaning it initially will make sure that there is no mould formation on the leather furniture. There are several types of equipment that can be used to clean this furniture. For example, a vacuum cleaner can suck up all leftover crumbs and remove even the tiniest of dust particles resting on the furniture. There are also special fiber cloth and special liquids made for leather products specially made to clean these products. There are natural alternatives too, like vinegar and water that can be used to clean this furniture if these special products are not accessible.

Furniture cover
It is necessary for anyone planning to store their leather furniture in storage to protect the furniture from external conditions. Self storage space rental Singapore will provide you with the best protection for your leather furniture. A wrap around the furniture will be useful to act as a cover. Blankets and sheets could also be used to cover these furniture products. This will help protect the leather products from any tearing or scratches during transportation. Accustom fit wrap or cover can also be used when the leather furniture is stored. You need to keep in mind to avoid using plastic to wrap your furniture. Plastic will expose your furniture to an unprecedented amount of moisture, which will negatively affect your leather furniture.

Elevating the furniture
An elevated shelf is a must for leather products. Make sure that your leather furniture does not touch the ground. This is because floors are cemented and can contain moisture which will be bad for your furniture. All the rent storage space Singapore provide an elevated shelf for your leather furniture.


Before storing your leather furniture, some care tips must be followed to make your furniture last longer. Following these steps will ensure the longevity of your furniture and will help you retain its health for a long time. So it is wise to follow these steps to add an extra layer of protection to your leather furniture.